Automotive spray & bake booth is an high-efficiency all-in-one paint booth that integrates pre-treatment, spraying, leveling, drying, cleaning and gas waste, water waste, and residues waste treatment . It can be customized according to customer needs.
The spray & bake booth produced by us is made of colored pre-coated galvanized steel, and it is a dual-skin insulated panel construction, the inner is filled by fireproof EPS insulation board. The ground is made of galvanized steel plate, and the frame structure is assembled of anti-corrosion treatment steel, with high strength and durability, which make it longevity and safety.
We use YDW series centrifugal fan manufactured with Siemens technology as the blower. It features low noise, large air volume and low energy consumption.
The heating system adopts four kinds of heating modes: fuel heating, gas heating, electric heating and solar heating. The internal heat energy conversion system is outfitted to effectively reduce the loss of thermal energy.
The lighting system uses Phillips LED tubes, which are installed on the top side and the two side walls of the booth to provide sufficient illumination with no shadow when working.
We attach great importance to environmental protection. Our automotive paint booths meet the emission standards of Europe, America and Australia, which make us in a leading position in the domestic industry. The exhaust gas will be filtered twice: first the paint mist is filtered by the activated carbon filter and then the exhaust gas goes through canned activated carbon in the exhaust device, the large area makes the filtering effect multiplied, the fresh air filtration effect can reach 98%.
In addition, we use intelligent integrated technology control system and electric operated fire damper to realize the air volume control, baking temperature control, equipment failure alarm and fire risk warning, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.